Weekly Family Devotions

Each week we send out devotions for you to do as a family! Family Events: 2-3 times a year we try to plan events for the entire family to engage in!


Summertime Meetups (Lawn Lounge)

In the Summertime we try to organize times for families to meetup at a park, the beach, etc with no pressure or organized activities, just to socialize and be with one another!



We know that parenting can be difficult at times, and we want you to know you’re not alone in this parenting journey! We have resources we offer, as well as parent fellowship, and more!


Radiance Worship

On the last Sunday of every month we meet for a worship night with another church in the city – this is an easy going, relaxed format with tables around to paint, journal, and much more for you to use as you worship, as well as couches, chairs and cushions to sit on while you worship! We have not been running this during Covid, but are hoping to be able to start again soon!