Youth Group

Twice-Monthly Youth Group on Friday Nights included games, activities and discussion!

Youth Bible Study

Our weekly Youth / Young Adults Power Cell is held on Zoom Wednesdays @ 8:00 PM.

Teen Discipleship and Membership Classes

We believe it’s important for Youth to have a deepening understanding of their Faith, the Bible, Our Church, among other things – so we offer these 12 week courses to teach your youth about all of these things.

YP Band

Learn to play an instrument in a group setting with talented musicians and other kids at the same stage of learning as you!

Volunteer Opportunities

There are endless Volunteer Opportunities for those in Middle School and High School!

YOP (Youth Outreach Program)

We were excited to be able to start this program with the lifting of COVID protocols. Mondays from 4:00-6:00 pm come out and shoot some hoops, play spike ball, do crafts, challenge your friends to a game on the Switch – there are so many things to do! Also a great opportunity for high school students looking to gain volunteer hours.

Radiance Worship

On the last Sunday of every month we meet for a worship night with another church in the city – this is an easy going, relaxed format with tables around to paint, journal, and much more for you to use as you worship, as well as couches, chairs and cushions to sit on while you worship! We have not been able to meet during Covid, but are hoping to start again soon!