During these crazy times of everything online, we still have some fun and exciting things to offer your kids!

ZOOM Sunday School

With no minimum age, we get everywhere from 2-12 on these calls. We talk about our weeks, we learn about the bible, we ask some questions, we play some games, and more!

Special Kids Events on ZOOM

These usually come with a theme of some sort – the last one we did was all games all night! Kahoot, Family Fued, Trivia, and more!

YP (Young Peoples) Band lessons on ZOOM

When we’re allowed to be in person, we have two bands for young people, YP Band, and Beginners Band – ZOOM is a hard platform for these kids to learn their instruments in a group context, so what we do instead is have everyone come for devotions at the same time, and then we break up for individual lessons with a talented member of our Adult Band!

In person

Prior to the Covid Shutdown, we offered several programs for Children including:

Weekly Sunday School

For kids in JK-Grade 6 – this takes place on Sunday Mornings Parent-Supervised Nursery: available for kids under Sunday School Age

YP (Young peoples) Band and Beginners Band

Learn to play an instrument in a group setting with talented musicians and other kids at the same stages of learning as you!

Monthly Jr. Youth Group

These were always a different theme – creative leaders invite us into events like Willy Wonka Nights, Carnival Nights, and more!

PA Day Camps

On PA Days, register with us and we’ll take your kids for a fun day full of exciting adventure!