The Unseen Friend

What Is “The Unseen Friend”?

“The Unseen Friend” is a program designed in co-operation with the Salvation Army to give a gift to someone anonymously. It is now a ministry program of the Salvation Army Mountain Citadel.

How It Works:

If you know someone who needs or wants something but they would either not buy it for themselves, or they would be unable to purchase it, you can make a monetary donation to The Unseen Friend on their behalf. You make the donation by cash or cheque at the Mountain Citadel, and then The Unseen Friend will purchase the gift and send it to your friend anonymously with a card explaining that someone who cares for them sent the gift through The Unseen Friend. 10% will also be used for other global Salvation Army projects, so you will be helping locally and globally.

For more information:
Phone: 905-389-3618