Rental Of Facilities

The purpose of our church is to help individuals discover life with meaning and purpose through a living relationship with God!

We encourage activities and events that promote and support this purpose!

As part of a growing and active community, we are happy to make our facilities available to individuals and community groups for special events providing they meet the standards and policies of The Salvation Army and this church.

The following policies apply to those who are not participating members of Mountain Citadel”

Rental Fees

Due to janitorial/custodial requirements and utility costs, fees vary for different rooms and combinations of rooms. Rental fees are applied to cover these costs and provide for general maintenance, supplies, replacement and repair of equipment and furnishings.

To book any room or combination of rooms, a “Rental Application” form must be completed by the responsible individual and turned into the office with a non-refundable deposit of $25. No booking will be considered to be “official” until this is received. The deposit fee will be applied against the total rental fee. Balance of the rental fee will be due one week prior to the event.

Schedule of Rental Fees

  • Sanctuary: $600.00
  • Gymnasium: $450.00
  • Gym & Kitchen: $600.00
  • Kitchen: $300.00
  • Fellowship Rooms (all 4 rooms): $300.000
  • Fellowship Room #1: $75.00
  • Fellowship Room #2: $75.00
  • Fellowship Room #3 (with fireplace): $75.00
  • Fellowship Room #4 : $75.00
  • Fellowship Rooms & Kitchen: $450.00
  • Conference Room: $100.00
  • Nursery: $100.00
  • Screen & Projector: $15.00
  • Sound System: $50.00

These fees include normal janitorial and custodial costs. If additional janitorial services are required there will be a charge of $20.00 per hour. While they do include the use of sound and video equipment, if you require the use of this equipment you will be required to use one of our operators and reimburse them at a rate of $20.00 per hour. These fees will be paid directly to the operator on the day of the event.

In addition to the above, the following policies apply to all using these facilities:

  1. The “Rental Application” form, once completed, must be adhered to with respect to numbers, rooms used and support staff required. If you wish to change this agreement you must contact the office to determine if we can meet your request at least 7 days before your event. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to exceed the posted accommodation limits.
  2. The church reserves the right to book more than one activity in the building on the same day provided they do not conflict with room and use of equipment. The church also reserves the right to preempt any booking within 120 days of the function.
  3. Room rental does not include the use of office equipment or staff. Any outside equipment or personal effects must be removed from the premises the same day.
  4. The use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs will not be permitted in the building or on the property at any time.
  5. The use of any obscene or offensive literature or medium (audio or visual) will not be permitted in the building or on the property at any time.
  6. Fixtures and furnishings such as pianos, organs or plants must be left in their fixed position in the room unless alternate arrangements are made in advance.
  7. Decorations or displays may not be fixed to the walls or ceilings of any rooms with any form of adhesive.
  8. Mountain Citadel does not lend out tables, chairs, linens, kitchen, audio/visual or any other church-owned equipment. These items are available only for church-sponsored functions taking place inside the building.
  9. When using the gymnasium for sporting or recreational events, only non-scuff shoes shall be worn (no black soles) and black hockey tape will not be allowed.
  10. When using the kitchen, the user must receive proper and adequate training in order to operate the appliances.
  11. The Mission Board and/or Officer-Pastors have the right to approve or refuse any rental application.
  12. Mountain Citadel does not accept liability for any accidents or injuries which may occur during the use of the facilities or while on the property. In some instances a certificate of insurance may be required.