Our Pastors

As pastors of Mountain Citadel, we are are pleased to welcome you to our website. Please spend a few moments looking around, discovering our church family and the wonderful people who call MC their church home. As we describe MC to people, we use the words like community and family.

We are a group of people surrendered to living out God’s purpose for our lives. That means we are a people sold out to following Jesus. That means we worship him with vigour and joy. That means we encourage prayer and God’s Word throughout life. That means we love people unconditionally outside the church through generosity, service, invitation, and compassion.

Our hope is that people of all backgrounds will feel loved and welcomed at MC. And once here, we pray that people will meet God and as a result of meeting God, give their lives to Jesus Christ. We want more than anything else that for you.

We believe that God has an adventure waiting for every person… this includes you… this includes your kids. We all have an unexplored journey, just waiting for us to take the first step.

Maybe you are new to the Christian faith, or perhaps you have been following God as long as you can remember. More than likely, you find yourself somewhere in between. That’s OK. Because wherever you are on your spiritual quest, MC is ready to help you in your journey of discovering new territories in your faith journey.

We worship on Sundays mornings at 10:30 am. Come as you are. Check us out, but more importantly, seek the truth of God that can only be known when one knows Jesus. We’d love to meet you.

God bless you,
Stephen & Gayle Sears – Majors

Telephone: (905) 389-3618
Fax: (905) 389-2423